Lunch Beat Macon

Inspired by Lunch Beat Boston, Lunch Beat Macon is a monthly high-energy daytime experience meant to enhance your day & personal network.

Lunch Beat sessions feature a live DJ set with lunch and water. Macon has a vibrant community of music lovers & young professionals and we’re celebrating it on the dance floor! Get ready for your most important business lunch January 15, 12:00-1:00 pm, in the gallery at The 567.

It’s free to dance, and the water is free, too. You can bring your own lunch, or purchase lunch on-site for only $5. This month’s lunch will be provided by Main Street Pizza.

In case you haven’t yet experienced Lunch Beat Macon, here’s a great article on the Knight Arts blog that described the first one well: “Lunch Beat Macon creates a diverse vibration”

For more information about the Lunch Beat movement, visit: Or, check out this article about Lunch Beat Boston.