Lunch Beat Macon

Come start your St. Patty’s day off early (without the alcohol of course) with us at Lunch Beat Macon!

The March edition of Lunch Beat Macon will feature DJ Bruce Wonder once again! We will have a caterer TBA that will have hot lunch available for 5$ or of course you can bring your own!

Still don’t know what Lunch Beat Macon is?

The Short Answer:

It’s basically a 1 hour lunchtime day party. You can bring your lunch or buy it there for $5. Water is free, and you MUST dance!

The Long Answer:

Inspired by Lunch Beat Boston, Lunch Beat Macon is a high-energy daytime experience meant to enhance your day & personal network. Lunch Beat sessions feature a live DJ set with lunch and water. Macon has a vibrant community of music lovers & young professionals and we’re celebrating it on the dance floor!

In case you haven’t yet experienced Lunch Beat Macon, here’s a great article on the Knight Arts blog that described the first one well: “Lunch Beat Macon creates a diverse vibration”

For more information about the Lunch Beat movement, visit: Or, check out this article about Lunch Beat Boston.