About The 567 Center for Renewal


The 567 Center for Renewal is a community space for entrepreneurs, artists, and musicians who will bring a collaboratively creative life to downtown Macon and surrounding areas through events, classes, and business development.


We dream of a vibrant downtown Macon filled with successful businesses and creative professionals, a downtown filled with the arts and enjoyed by people of all ages from all places. Towards this end, The 567 Center for Renewal will be known as a place where:

-quality art is displayed and sold;
-people of all ages enjoy concerts, shows, and performances;
-classes and lectures help individuals of all ages expand their creativity and appreciation of the arts;
-artists and musicians find the resources needed to succeed as creative professionals; and
-entrepreneurs find the resources needed to start new, successful downtown businesses.

What We Do

Our facility includes:
– A 300-seat and a 75-seat venue for music and events
– An art gallery
– Multi-purpose rooms for art, theatre and music lessons
– Incubator office space for new downtown businesses
– Conference space
– and much more

The 567 is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation towards the mission of The 567, just click the “donate” button below!

The History of The 567

The 567 was founded by New City Church. As a downtown church, New City desired to be a vital and influential part of the city. New City Church began holding services at the Cox Capitol Theater in 2008. The church needed additional space for Sunday morning children’s activities and other things, so they rented a small space at 567 Cherry Street.

New City Church’s leadership wanted the space to be more than a Sunday space, they wanted a space that served to connect the community and benefit the city. After talking to many people in Macon to understand the city’s history and hope for the future, New City began developing The 567 to be a place where New City and Macon could together celebrate the arts.

The original 567 was a huge success in helping to enjoy and shape our downtown’s culture and community as the city united to enjoy music and art. In June of 2010, after months of work, The 567 moved to its current location, 533 Cherry Street. With the move has come greater opportunities to help downtown Macon grow and thrive through art, music, and business.